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5T single stage reverse osmosis pure water equipment

5T single stage reverse osmosis pure water equipment

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  weifangqingzhou
  • Brand Name:  Shandong Chuanyi water treatment
  • Model Number:  CY-5000

Pure water equipment, in simple terms is the raw water is treated after purification equipment. As relying on the production of pure water is very important. So to produce pure water is water to choose a better place. As mountain springs, deep well. Generally speaking, conductivity, the lower the. Water is pure net. Now the water treatment process are used in reverse osmosis system. After treated water can generally be reached 90% - 99% of the desalination rate

Reverse osmosis system is the core components of the purified water system, only through reverse osmosis can reach the standard of pure water. Reverse osmosis system is mainly used for membrane filtration process. Then water molecules can through the reverse osmosis membrane. Some other such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and other ions with wastewater together to drain off.

Technical features of pure water equipment:

1, after the boot device to achieve membrane automatic flushing function, flushing time 2-10 minutes adjustable.

2, the equipment has waste water reflux device, can be used for two times to use water, improve water use efficiency, save water.

3, low voltage protection system, when the source water pressure is insufficient or passive water, the system will shut down automatically, to protect the high-pressure pump and safety equipment. 4, the pure water in the water tank is full equipment can be automatically shut down.

5, the equipment is equipped with cleaning and maintenance system, regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment, to extend the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane 3-5 years.

6, the device uses the stainless steel frame structure, to achieve no sanitary dead corner, no corrosion of equipment, the use of 10-20 is still as new.

7, the two stage reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with a multi-channel control valve, can achieve a double stage water, a single or double stage at the same time the water, so that the production of water quality diversification.

8, reverse osmosis equipment and mineral water equipment (spring water equipment) supporting the use, reduce the cost of investment, improve the utilization of water resources.

9, the basic equipment can be achieved unattended operation for 24 hours.

10, there are online water quality testing instrument, at any time to observe the water quality.

  • Place of Origin:  weifangqingzhou
  • Brand Name:  Shandong Chuanyi water treatment
  • Model Number:  CY-5000

Processing customization






Inlet diameter

50 (mm)

Yield of water



Bipolar economy

Working pressure

100 (PSI)

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